FH International School

Who we are

We are the representatives of FH International High School in Toronto, Canada to help you achieve your dream of studying Canadian Curriculum onsite or online. FH International is an accredited and inspected Canadian private high school by the Ontario Ministry of Education, They offer Ontario high school curriculum from grade 9 to grade 12. They also offer university preparation courses including IELTS and TOEFL preparation programs as well as summer and winter camps.

They have a strong faculty holding Ontario Teaching Certificates, their passion and expertise have helped many of their students succeed. With a fully equipped facility, they offer competitive academic disciplines like Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Arts (STEM-A) to prepare students to the top educational institutions all around the world while making sure they explore different disciplines to find out their passion.

FH International follows a trimester system that divides the academic year into three sessions. While the first period is running from September to January, the second from January to March or April, the third period is running from April until June. Trimester system allows the students to take fewer courses in a session and focus on the courses they are enrolled in. It also allows our international students to start at 3 different times in a year.

Ontario Education System


30 Credits

18 Compulsory Credits and 12 Elective Credits

Volunteer Hours

40 Hours

Students must complete more than 40 hours of Ontario Community Service


Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

All Graduates from Ontario high school must take the Ontario Secondary School Literacy test. the test is held once every year.

Why Ontario Certificate Program

With the quality education FH International High School provides, students now have the chance to take English, Math and Science, and many other courses from the Canadian education system which is ranked 7th in the world by PISA.

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Why Ontario Certificate Program?

  • Get Canadian transcript with “FH International High School Certificate Program
  • Take English, Math and Science courses from Ontario curriculum to prepare for the Advanced Placement Program
  • Improve your English with North American curriculum arrangements and get prepared for TOELF or IELTS
  • Whether you plan to study abroad or in India, when you get admissions to the best universities, the education will be in English. By taking English, Math and Science courses with Canadian curriculum at high school, you have a strong foundation and higher academic achievements not only in high school but also at the university as well.
  • Interactive online AP foundation courses with Canadian teachers
  • Prerequisite courses for dual diploma program, AP and University admissions.
  • Higher chance of getting accepted to top North
  • Constant academic and technical support throughout the courses

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